The Mobile Web is Exploding

With one half of all local searches being performed on mobile phones, it is imperative for a company to have a mobile compatible website to sell their products and services. Research has shown that 50% of global web users use their mobile phone as their primary source of internet.

Youtube, used by many smart businesses today, reports that 40% of its traffic is used through a mobile phone, compared to only 25% from last year. Statistics show that this year the usage of mobile internet will overtake desktop internet usage.

Act NOW, Not Later

A working mobile presence should be at the top of your marketing to-do list now, not later. Just think, if your mobile presence is stumbling its way through the Internet and your competitors are not, you’re losing customers at a pace that could seriously hurt your business.

Benefits of a Mobile Presence:

  • Expand your business into new markets
  • Be easily searched for by local or foot traffic
  • Assist employees who are out in the field working
  • Enhance the connection you have with existing customers
  • Keep clients connected to the latest updates to your company via their mobile device
  • Leverage social media and networking through mobile devices
  • Give your clients/customers a hassle free experience of browsing your website on their phone or tablet
  • More appropriate and cost effective preference for brands that are venturing forward into mobile space

We understand the mobile web. Heck, we’ve helped many of our clients overcome the complexities of it over the years. Our mobile developers work to insure a well-designed, fully functional, flawless mobile website that appeals to your customers, who are no doubt using the mobile web. See our portfolio and contact us today for a no obligation review of your current site.


of mobile web users are unlikely to return
to a website they had trouble accessing from their
phone and even more are unlikely to recommend the site.