The New First Impression: Reputation Management

Did you ever lose a potential sale or customer because they “Googled” your company first and found less than flattering information, or even incorrect information? Do you even know what you have lost? Today, your first impression may be the one you have online and you know the saying about first impressions.

Today, your company is defined by what appears online. Whether the negative information is from your competitors, a disgruntled ex-employee, or a vindictive blogger, the effect can result in financial loss and loss of market share in your niche. Once you've lost a customer online, chances are you won't get them back. Online Reputation Management is the strategy companies use to make sure they have the competitive advantage online.

ORM (Online Reputation Management)

Online Reputation Management is the measuring, monitoring, and influencing of conversations on the internet about a company as well as individuals. To simplify, we make businesses and those associated look their very best online.