The Team
Donna Brownson
Donna Brownson Planner and has a true passion for the advertising field. Committed whole-heartedly to her work, Donna’s mission is to learn and achieve her client’s goals. During her downtime, Donna spends time with her two daughters in Albany, NY. Her interests include; traveling, basketball, music, movies and never missing her favorite TV shows! Connect with Donna on LinkedIn
Alexis Fazio
Alexis Fazio Alexis graduated from Syracuse University where she discovered her interest in marketing/advertising through an internship with a local FOX television affiliate in Syracuse. After college, Alexis further developed her passion for digital advertising at a NYC ad agency where she worked on several national accounts. Alexis is Google Adwords and Google Analytics certified. Outside of the office, she is a self-proclaimed "foodie" and loves trying out as many new restaurants, as possible. She also enjoys traveling hiking and spending time with her family.
Monique Gleason
Monique Gleason Monique, an Account Executive at BrawnMedia, brings 8 years of experience as a Senior Account Executive at a world-wide advertising agency along with 10 years of experience as a Marketing Manager. She is a graduate of SUNY Oswego with a BA degree in Communications and Minor in Art. Additionally, she also obtained an AAS degree in Interior Design from the Sage College of Albany. Outside of work, she enjoys spending time with her family.
Ashley Hart
Ashley Hart Ashley is Brawn's Social Media Specialist. She found her passion for marketing while working in the music industry, where her primary focus was developing and strengthening the brands of her clients. When she's not working, Ashley enjoys concerts, traveling, eating tacos, and staring at puppies.
Chuck Hunt
Chuck Hunt In 2012, Chuck Hunt created Mad Man Marketing advertising agency and handled the advertising for eight (8) Upstate Ford Dealers. This included creating TV, radio and print ads while negotiating placement for all those ads. Hunt started his career in broadcast media in 1986 and worked as an Account Manager in television sales until 1998, when he made the move to management. Chuck Hunt became the Local Sales Manager at WRGB and then moved to FOX 23 to become the Director of Sales and later the DOS at MY Network TV. In all of his management positions, Hunt was in charge of creating rate cards and negotiating all large airtime purchases.
Miles Kerbein
Miles Kerbein Miles is an Account Executive at Brawn Media. He graduated in 2012 from Queens University of Charlotte in North Carolina. There he developed his passion for marketing and advertising. With experience at top national agencies like Haystak, Hearst and Townsquare, Miles has developed a reputation for being a trusted marketing consultant. In his spare time, Miles enjoys playing golf, basketball and traveling the world.
Jennifer Miller
Jennifer Miller Jennifer is an Account Executive at Brawn Media. She started her marketing career in the music industry after graduating from Belmont University in Nashville, TN. She has been doing marketing for 10+ years with both traditional and digital experience. While not working, Jen enjoys yoga, painting, cooking, photography and spending time with her black lab. She also loves the movies and keeping up with The Voice.
Britni Prack
Britni Prack Britni is BrawnMedia's Office Manager as well as Media Buyer. She has over 7 years of experience in the retail/sales industry, 4 of which were in a management role. Britni brings a solid understanding of client relations to the team. She is committed to supporting the mission of BrawnMedia by always keeping the client's goals in mind. Britni resides in Richmond, VT with her husband where she and her secretary (her dog, Stella) work remotely. In her spare time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors, cooking, and spending time with her family. Britni is also a live music junkie- it doesn’t matter what kind, she’ll probably start dancing to it.
Joe Schaefer
Joe Schaefer Joe Schaefer, our web strategist, brings over 9 years of agency and freelance SEO experience to BrawnMedia. Having worked for nationally recognized Internet Marketing Firms over the years, Joe brings those strategies, lessons learned, and tactics to the various clients and niches that BrawnMedia works with on a regular basis. He is a graduate of Dominican College with an honors degree in two subjects and Google Analytics certified. If he had to choose a tagline for what he does in the world of SEO, it would be, “I play in traffic so you don’t have to.” Joe is the father of 4 young children who remain his greatest passion outside of all things web and SEO.
Dan Smith
Dan Smith

No, I am not the Dan Smith who’s the lead vocalist of the band Bastille. That’s this guy. Nor am I the Dan Smith who started the underground hip hop group Listener, nor the guitarist for the British rock band Noisettes. That’s this guy and this guy..

I’m also not the Dan Smiths playing on the Gateshead Soccer team or the Dan Smith on the Weymouth Soccer team. That’s this guy and this guy, respectively. I also never played in the NHL, pitched in the MLB for the Texas Rangers, nor the Montreal Expos. That was this guy, this guy, and this guy.

Now even though I am a designer, I am not the Dan Smith who illustrates for many fantasy games. That's this guy. I’m also not the famous tattoo artist from L.A. Ink. That's this guy. I also don’t play poker professionally. That's this guy.

I will also not teach you guitar. That's this guy.

I am, however, willing to accept all fan mail, gifts, presents, prizes, and money intended for these other Dan Smiths. I’m completely okay with that.

Colleen Sweeney
Colleen Sweeney Colleen is Brawn’s Graphic Designer. She graduated from SUNY Oneonta in 2013 where she discovered her love for design, cats and traveling. Being relatively new in the industry she brings a fresh, innovative sense of design and creativity to the team. Colleen sailed around the world in 2012, which gave her the unique perspective on life she has today. A few of her favorite things to do include: hiking, cooking, watching Friends, and betting on the ponies in August.”
Alexandra Tighe
Alexandra Tighe Alex is Brawn’s Digital Media Director. She brings to the agency more than 16 years of experience working on national and local accounts at NYC ad agencies. In her role, Alex manages the planning and creation of all integrated online advertising, search marketing, and emerging media campaigns. Outside the office, Alex volunteers for several local non-profit organizations, including Neighbors Helping Neighbors Greene County, Hope’s Mission, and the Coxsackie-Athens Foundation for Education. She enjoys hiking and geocaching with her sons, ages 6 and 8, as well as stalking social media. A self-professed reality TV junkie, Alex’s personal motto is “Don’t settle for mediocrity.”
Kevin Whitbeck
Kevin Whitbeck Kevin is an SEO Analyst at Brawn Media who brings 5 years’ experience working within SEO. He has developed a holistic approach to SEO strategy in his drive to meet business needs and improve user experiences. His past experience has allowed him to provide SEO analysis and consulting services for small local businesses as well as large enterprises within a wide variety of industries. Kevin is a Graduate of Oswego State University where he earned a B.F.A in Graphic Design and minored in marketing. Outside of the office he can often be found hiking in the Catskills or the Adirondacks, enjoying live music, and spending time with friends and family.
Dylan Youngs
Dylan Youngs Dylan is Brawn’s Digital Media Manager. He graduated in 2012 from SUNY Oneonta where he discovered his drive for marketing/advertising through an internship with a Minor League Baseball team in Vermont. Since then, he has been exploring the niche of digital advertising and is certified in Google Adwords and Google Analytics. In his spare time, Dylan likes to pretend he is on the show “Chopped,” enjoys playing the guitar, and hopes to one day live on a boat while traveling the seven seas.

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